Trail Construction

Mourne Mountain Bike Trail

The Mourne Mountain Bike Trail Project includes the development of two Mountain Bike Trail systems, one at Rostrevor Forest Park and one at Castlewellan Forest Park. These systems will include up to 40KMs of X-Country & downhill trails.

Start date for the project is 30th April 2012 and it the anticipated completion date is Spring/Summer 2013.

With a strong emphasis on Considerate Construction, and appreciation for the environmental fragility of the area under construction, this project will be a benchmark for quality and thorough planning from start to finish. Specialist consultants and a bike trail design team have been utilised to plan the routes, ramps, bridges and boardwalks and oversee the technical details of the project.  The overall focus is on constructing sustainable trails which are integrated into the landscape and which will be great fun to ride.
“I’ve been involved in trail planning, design and construction for nearly 20 years all over the world. I’ve worked on high mountains, old quarries, city parks, deserts and even rainforests, but I think the trail construction project in Rostrevor is probably the most challenging I have worked on to date.
The combination of steep side slopes, very variable ground conditions, dense woodlands and high, exposed ridges, coupled with very difficult access makes trail construction particularly difficult.
Add to this the fact that Rostrevor is within the Mournes AONB where there are particular landscape and habitat sensitivities, further complicates how sustainable trails can be delivered.
It is really important that the trails in Rostrevor be built in appropriate and sensitive ways, which reduce their impact on the landscape and habitat. This is particularly the case given the value of Rostrevor Forest as a recreational resource for the whole community.
The development of very prescriptive construction plans has allowed us to make sure that the trails add value to Rostrevor by making sure that they are built in the most appropriate and sensitive ways.”
Trail Designer Dafydd Davis
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Safety Notice
Please note that this Bike Trail is very much under construction and that there access is FORBIDDEN to all  members of the public – bikers and non- bikers, until the trail is completed and handed over.  Euro Services very much appreciate your assistance and compliance in this important safety matter.

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